Hear from others how the Active Peace Yoga community has been of service to them, their yoga practice and their healing.


Video Testimonial from Thelma Woodlands

Ami in Colorado, "During a time of feeling physically disconnected, it [Active Peace] has been a reminder that we can build community, support and love one another not only virtually, but energetically and spiritually. The practice has also been a centering and grounding place to commune during uncertainty. It has become a safe place to be vulnerable and to be authentically heard and respected. A place to be reminded that we are in this together, a place to recognize the beauty in the world and all the love and light that exists. 
One of the most impactful changes this practice has recently brought to my life is creating a space to walk through grief, to recognize this grief, and allow it to be heard so I can lay it down and focus on ways I can be of service during these times. Lastly, I would like to honor and shout out gratitude for this practice as it goes back to the roots of yoga for me. The classes not only focus on body but mind, body and spirit."
Katie in Vermont, "Reggie's classes are fabulous! I love his message that we can all create a centered, grounded, loving way of being in the world, where the mind can be calm even when the breathing and the heart are elevated and active. His insight that this way of being makes it possible to face turmoil and fight fiercely and lovingly to create a better society is exactly the kind of integration I need to learn in order to prioritize balance and self-care while fighting the political battles I need to fight."
Video Testimonial from Zakiya 
Rachel in Massachusetts, "In this time of so many constraints, the feeling of freedom he restored in my body and my mind felt amazing. And the connection with other good souls icing on the cake. The burden of stress and overwhelm for me these days is heavy and real. But liberation is only a Reggie class away."
Elizabeth in Washington DC, "Reggie is one of the voices to listen to on how to be a truly engaged yogin. He leads by living example, not just talk, and joyously shares how the yoga practices fuel his own dharma."
Deidre from Ireland, "Reggie is a born teacher. He combines a focus on the student's needs (what do you need today? open your hips? shoulders? ...) with a reminder of where we are at in the wider world and how that might be affecting us, and how we can use this class to advance our own little piece of surviving and thriving today. I personally find that his imperfection makes me so much more open to him as a teacher. Surprisingly the Ireland / New York time difference can work!"
Video Testimonial from David