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About Active Peace Yoga:

Active Peace Yoga's mission is to make the practice of yoga and living the yogic lifestyle more accessible to all - regardless of race, gender, body type or practice level - to form peace of mind and general well being as a foundation, not as an afterthought.   

Whether through asana, breath work, meditation classes, lectures, workshops and conscious conversations rooted in radical presence, honesty and compassion, the goal is to create healing space for individual healing and collective redemption.

Classes are largely through Zoom or other online platforms for the moment.   The revolution will not be televised, but it will be live-streamed.  More information available under the scheduling tab (icon in the upper left corner).

To inquire about private teaching engagements, speaker requests, teaching collaborations, curriculum creation or anything innovative and exciting, please reach out to activepeaceyoga@gmail.com

For those interested in donating to the practice, find more information here.

You can also sign up for our email list here.

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Blessings, Grace, Peace, and Gratitude.